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Nobody is reading this blog, but I still like writing down things because it clears my mind and also works sort of a documentation. So Rubber Ball VR actually did pretty well when it comes to my low standard. It got mostly positive reviews although it’s not that popular which is fine. I learned a lot about unity and creating projects from it, things which I might share in the future.I got more free time now, so I will start to write more frequently in the blog. Before I just really set it up and forgot about it, but now my focus will be on keeping it updated.

We’re working on a new game that we’re excited about sharing really soon. For this project we actually have someone with 3D-design skills, and sound skills. ┬áIt’s gonna be really fun and so far it looks like it’s gonna be released for free. That’s about it, can’t write much more until there is something to show (soon).

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