The VR game in the making

So we’re currently working on a new game that has been in the works since last summr (2017). We are now at the point in which we can soon share more of this VR game with the world. Here is a quick sneakpeak which might give a hint of the art style.

Snow location

The point of the game is to be more about the experience. We want a slower paced game, but that are still a game with all it’s mechanics. This game will have different varying environments just like the snowy landscape above. There will be forests, open-fields, mountains and more!

I am fully aware that it’s only me the programmer reading this currently, and not even my designer friend even knows that I am updating the blog, but I find that it’s a good way to write what I want about the game. This blog will be used to write about design decisions and changes to the game. I am also thinking about just writing random stuff about VR, at least if I notice that there is no need for a game update post on the page. Maybe things like the history of VR like my teacher has printed in to my head by now. Or just general design tips for making your own VR game in general. In any case, most of my time will be on developing the game, handle my studies, and trying to future proof my future. I hope I can still do what most companies can’t seem to be able to do nowadays. Communicate with the player.

Thanks my non-existent reader that you took your precious time to read this completely nonsense filled clump of so called text. May my future contributions to this blog be more fruitful and elegant. Regards the programmer (and also kind of designer).